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About Gauri

How It All Began

Gauri. M.D is an Indian Artist who loved to paint since childhood. She turned into professional Artist four years ago and has spent lot of her time in painting. She has really kind of narrowed it down to a science for herself. She is a crazy Artist , entrepreneur, and pursuing B.ARCH student.

While studying architecture and practising it she realised its not the thing she is mad for But her biggest strength is painting and her madness for paintings. She needs to live out her passion and inspire the world that it’s important to trust your guts and vibe because they never lie.She is a self taught artist and loves to experiment with new styles. 

Gauri. M.D has unique style of creating heavy textured 3D abstract paintings with a touch of gold. She loves to showcase her personality and her thinking through her paintings. Her perception about art is it can bring lively experience and positivity in the space. Art can light up the surrounding and helps the person to grow within. Feeling connected to art is the best feeling in the world. She loves to paint on various themes as she feels so connected with the Colours and canvases. 

Gauri. M.D believes that vibrations travels and so she makes sure to reflect here positivity and good vibes through her paintings. According to her Art is not only for aesthetic appearance but ART IS FOR SOUL. Well she loves to travel for getting inspiration  and know more about art and culture. She’s been exhibiting her work internationally. She did her first exhibition in World Art Dubai. Currently she is a freelance artist, mentor and a content creator.

Mohammad Hussain Shaikh

Gauri, you've uncovered the secret...!!Your artwork gives a greater understanding of your work by utilizing your personal history, material choices, and issues that you investigate. It helps visitors and galleries understand what's important to you.Creativity is described as the ability to think about a task or issue in a new or different way, or the ability to use one's imagination to produce new ideas. Creativity enables you to solve difficult problems or devise unique ways to assignments. You are inventive and perceive things in novel ways.Gauri Your artistic creativity is beautifully non-conventional, anti-conformist, unlimited, and free. It is, in fact, a verb. It is energy in motion, dynamic and adaptive. It's purposeful and intentional. I adore your work! Way to go! Gauri……….

Amit Amberker

I have had the Pleasure of viewing Gauri's Artwork, Creativity and Talent on her Social Media profiles. Gauri has a Unique Ability to Capture the essence of her Subjects and bring them to Life on Canvas. Her use of Colors seem to Dance across the Canvas. Her Painting is not only Visually Beautiful, but also thought-provoking, with each Painting telling its own Unique Story. Gauri has a Deep Passion for her Art, and her Dedication and Commitment are Evident in every piece she Creates. I would highly Recommend her to anyone looking for a truly exceptional Artist.

Anuj Bindal

Gauri : As she describes herself : "I am Art, "Abstract" as the word says is an Idea which doesn't has a physical appearance and Gauri has been beautifully taking ahead this thing in her work, I have been following Gauri M.D.'s work on LinkedIn and was quite fascinated the way she originates Ideas from the Nature and surroundings, She has never been to Kedarnath and the way she portrayed the scene was absolutely fabulous and gave a feel as if somebody made it while sitting in front of Temple , I was also impressed by the initiatives she has taken to educate this Art to Kids & Students, this is one way to transform energy of Kids to a more creative aspect, my Best Wishes for her endeavors, Kudos to her Work

Arijit Basu Kolkata

Gauri is an artist with real talent - her works are differently vibrant as if it is talking to the viewer. She has a great sense of aesthetics and does not shy away from experimenting. I have a couple of her very solid works at my home which always brings joy to me looking at them. A wonderful person with a warm, friendly nature. I wish Gauri many more success and happiness in life. Cheers!

Tanmay Jena Khalghat, M.P

Gauri is a very professional artist.couple of months ago I ordered a painting of one my friend and believe me she totally nailed the painting.She made the painting with extreme precision. Not only with my painting,she always do justice to all the paintings that she has done till date. Thank you Gauri, cheers to your art.

Aditya Bammrotwar

Have been following Gauri for a while now, and her art is really fascinating, the development she has had looking at her older paintings is astounding. She has a passion for art as well as for teaching it to others, and you can see it in her eyes when she teaches someone about art. It is a real pleasure working with Gauri towards a better cause. I'm sure she inspires many.

Amitabh Shrivastav

You are a wonderful artist and I saw your painting video which inspired me a lot.

Rajat Wankhede Nagpur

Your Humbled & greateful & Also creativity ARTIST If u hear a voice within you saying. Your not an artist 👩‍🎨 then by all means paint ,Boy & Mother and the voice will be silenced🔖🤍 Thank you 🙏🏻 artist for wonderful Painting.

RJ Deepika Nagpur

I have been following Gauri on Instagram for many days, Gauri's creativity impresses me a lot. Art is beautifully reflected in her paintings and I can see a lot of depth. Looking at Gauri's work I feel she is very hardworking and dedicated towards her art.. My best wishes and love to her

Birendra Roy Kolkata

Your art work are really exceptional and I really love that touch of essence of nature!! Keep up the good work dear Gauri.

Abhinav Jeswani Nagpur

Gauri The Gardener The one who plants hope in her Artwork A belief , A True dedication and a story gets portrayed when She Paints ❤️ I personally love her work , the minute details she works on is tremendous Good Going Gauri , Always the best in Class , Keep Shining Keep Creating

A. Venkatesan CAO - Bisell Global Ventures Private Limited. Chennai

I came to know Gauri through Linkedin 2 years ago. My daughter was under her guidance now doing miracles in painting as well art work. May Lord shower her with finest blessings to Gauri. I wish her to cherish more in her career as well inspire many more people.

Sanjeev Kumar Karnataka

Gauri is a talented Artist.I know her since 2years, I came to know about her paintings and immediately contacted her for amazing and bold abstract arts.I have few of her artworks in my office space.She is a versatile Artist.God Bless you Gauri Keep shining.

Nirmiti Kajne

"Gauri creates beautiful abstract works. I have three of her paintings decorated in my living space. The best part about her paintings is they are unique and while I was doing the interiors of my house I shared my color palette with her and theme of my home and she curated these three beautiful abstract paintings based on those colors which bring glory to my house. Its indeed a conversation piece everytime I have guests around asking about the Artist."

Ajay Avhad

Artist Gauri has an exceptional talent and her each piece of art exudes tremendous beauty and liveliness..

Pramod Sao

I have been following Ms. Gauri's art work since quite a time and I must say they are meticulous and mesmerizing at the same time, I had a wonderful opportunity to interact with her for an art work she was on point and precise, which is a rarity in this fraternity, I could not recommend more as the job was delivered in utmost professional manner, It was pleasure connecting with Ms. Gauri and I am following her work closely.

Dhananjay Adkke

Gauri is an artist who paints by her heart., Her artworks display & represent the various aspects of life & nature & their impact on our daily life. I have bought a few paintings from her in the past, now displayed in my board rooms in my office & drawing hall at home. I am satisfied I had bought such beautiful artworks from her.. & also looking forward for more such good artworks from her & I wish her all the best for her future endeavours..

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"Art is the breath of
The beauty of the world"


We are Nagpur based NGO named SOUL FOUNDATION. We organize extra curricular activities for orphanages in Nagpur. And try to help them in their education with all we have, every weekend or the alternate weekend. Also, we do care for our city though we are motivated to make Nagpur a better city. So we often do cleaning drives. Another thing is we also do donations to needy people (food, cloth and essential donations).

Our mission is to “Provide the children proper education and facilities”.

We try by all our heart and soul to make the children happy by conducting workshops of art,dance,yoga etc. and providing them nutritious food.

We believe that, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

I joined this NGO last year and got connected to wonderful souls. These children performed so nice in my Art workshop. Each one of them performed well and has created beautiful paintings. As I am so emotionally connected to art I can teach art anywhere anytime. By this workshop I realised the joy of little things and I felt I made many faces smile. That day was an iconic day for me. We celebrate birthdays of children had a blast. Well children can teach you things no book can, listen to them, observe them and I can bet you’ll be a better version of yourself.

I named my abstract series “ART FOR SOUL”I love to encourage and motivate people.I love to share my knowledge and will be sharing this as much as I can share.

To know more about our NGO here-

Founded on 12th of march 2021
Address- Plot no 141, misal layout, near SBI ATM patankar Chowk nagpur 440014
Founder (Himanshu Ghadle) 7218862284
Co- Founder (Rishab Patil) 7387592430
Educator - Gauri Dhurde, Leena Shinde, Aniket Jadav

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